Magnetic Therapy for Treating Menopause Symptoms

Magnetic Therapy for Treating Menopause Symptoms

Although menopause is a natural phase of life, it comes with various negative side-effects and symptoms for most women. Women going through menopause can experience a whole range of uncomfortable symptoms caused by menopause, including hot flashes, moodiness, memory problems, weight gain, and more.

The physical, emotional, and mental symptoms associated with menopause occur because of a drop in estrogen levels that starts during menopause. The conventional medical treatment for helping to ease the symptoms of menopause is hormone replacement therapy, or HRT. The goal of HRT is to bring estrogen levels up, in the hopes that this will help to reduce the symptoms that come with menopause.

HRT does help many women. However, other women have found it to not be effective for reducing their symptoms. Also, HRT is connected to a higher risk for breast cancer, heart disease, and stroke.


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