Magnetic Therapy for Healing Parakeets

Magnetic Therapy for Healing Parakeets

Magnetic therapy is not only an effective health treatment for people, but also for many animals, including parakeets. Parakeets are popular pets that are a small species of parrot. The budgie is the most common type of parakeet kept as pets.

Magnetic therapy can be particularly effective for small animals, because the healing magnetic fields are able to fully and deeply penetrate their small bodies, for maximum healing benefits. Because of this, weaker magnetic therapy products are often effective for small animals and birds.

Using Magnetic Therapy for Parakeets

Spot magnets, or medical magnets, can be effectively used to treat parakeets by attaching them to small strips that can be attached directly to the bird’s body or wings. Many parakeets suffer from wing injuries, so this method is particularly effective in those cases.

Also, a blanket or cover embedded with many magnets can be placed directly over their cage. In this case, more powerful magnets are required, in order for the magnetic fields to be able to reach and penetrate the bird.

Because parakeets have a fast heart rate and blood flow, magnetic therapy is very effective for treating pain and injuries in them. The increased blood flow makes the healing effects even more pronounced.

Warning for Treating Parakeets with Magnetic Fields

Birds are more sensitive to magnetic fields than humans, so if you notice your parakeet acting strangely or appears to be off balance, then cease use immediately. Try again later, or try using a less powerful magnet if they continue to have problems.

Also, use shorter therapy sessions on birds and other small animals than you would on a person or a larger animal, such as a dog. Their small bodies are more sensitive to changes, so any treatments, such as using magnetic therapy, should be monitored closely while being used.


Many people have found magnetic therapy to be a great healing tool for improving health and getting relief from pain. Because most animals share many common physiological characteristics, many treatments, such as magnetic therapy, can also be used for pets, including parakeets and other small birds.

If your parakeet is suffering with an injury or has another health issue, healing magnets might be a good option to try.

Remember, magnetic therapy is generally considered a complementary therapy, so if your pet is suffering from a health condition, always visit a veterinarian to ensure that your pet is getting adequate treatment for their specific problem

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